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I don’t want to open my facebook account, then twitter is not working properly, there is only tumblr, where I can shout out my feelings. I want to cry and I want to leave this place as soon as possible and forget the bad memories, but I can’t. What should I do?

"Sandeul’s Birthday Project"

Annyeong BANAS! As you know our Deullie birthday is coming soon! it is our first time being able to celebrate it with him and so we should let him feel our love right? ^^ kekeke! 

sandeul’s birthday project~

basically, i will be collecting cards, fan-drawing and fanletters that you want to give to sandeul to wish him happy birthday and colleting them and pasting them in a book! it will be sent to Korea where deullie will receive it for his birthday! you can mention @psyduckiie if you are intending to give deullie a bday present!

note that cards are to be no bigger than A5 size! you can pass to me the letters by either a meet up or through email @(
overseas fans are welcome to take part too as we are all one big Bana Family^^

the deadline if you are sending me by email is 22 February!

please mention @JINFOX_ for more details or any questions! 

please please do take part in this project to show our love for B1A4 and SANDEUL! BANA AND B1A4 fighting!


I just repost this, please participate for this project, I will participate too…  SPREAD the LOVE guyz … .^^

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